Buying Astaxanthin

Your Complete Guide to Buying Astaxanthin Products in New Zealand

When it comes to looking for the right Astaxanthin product there are a few things to look out for.

Astaxanthin Source

Thankfully all the Astaxanthin products we’ve seen in New Zealand are of a good quality and source. Pretty much all commercial Astaxanthin is extracted from an algae called haematococcus pluvialis. This is what you want to make sure is on the bottle, as opposed to a synthetic chemical astaxanthin which is used in animal feed.

What does Astaxanthin cost?

The cost of a bottle of astaxanthin is going to depend on the strength of the softgels inside and how many there are. In New Zealand you are typically looking at $40-50 per bottle of 60 sofgels at 6mg Astaxanthin per softgel.

What strength should I buy?

Astaxanthin typically comes in small softgels, ranging from 4mg each to 12mg each. Depending on what you are looking to take Astaxanthin for, a typical dose will be anywhere between 6-18mg per day. 6mg is the most common strength you’ll find in New Zealand.

Where can I buy Astaxanthin?

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